Business Services

A good operations specialist will blend seamlessly into your organization and work behind the scenes to improve productivity and increase profitability. Our team has worked for multiple CEOs across a diverse range of industries, and have increased both their free time and their bottom line.

What we do best:

Assess your business operations and provide detailed recommendations for improving productivity

Consult on sales, business development, and marketing activities

Provide coaching for you and your team

Anticipate your needs and complete tasks in advance

Identify pain points and unnecessary, time-consuming activities and minimize or eliminate them

How we can help you:

Operations Management

-Manage contractors/vendors so you don’t have to

-Create document databases or organize the databases you already have

-Build or organize a Customer Relationship Management system

-Provide assistance with any back-of-house organization to give you time to enjoy your business

Executive Assistant Services

-Organize and manage your inbox

-Transcribe emails

-Schedule and confirm appointments

-Manage personal tasks and appointments

-Proofreading, editing, and transcription services

Sales and Customer Service Management

-Customer support via phone, email, website, social media

-Sales management services to achieve sales objectives through effective planning, setting sales goals, analyzing data on past performance, and projecting future performance

-Customer retention strategy and implementation

Digital Development //

-Develop and implement social media strategy

-Design print and digital marketing collateral

-Create and manage email marketing campaigns

-Website and social media campaign design strategy and application

-Instructional Design

-eLearning development; video production

-Voiceover services


Hourly and Project Rates:

Virtual Assistant: $15-$45/hr

Operations/Sales/Customer Service:  contact us for an estimate

Digital Development/Project Work: Purchase blocks of time


consulting services \\

We provide consulting services for business owners to help them engage the professional that is right for their business. We work with a large network of service providers from bookkeepers to web designers.

We run a quick, low-cost assessment of your business needs and work to find you the right person for your specific requirements. Once you have someone in place, we will help you establish goals and processes to maximize your results.

Contact us to schedule a consultation.