How to Love the Tasks You Hate

“Jacqueline, we’re out of toner.”

When I worked in a traditional office, those five words would send me into a panic. I HATED ordering toner. I have no idea why. It wasn’t that different from ordering any other office supplies. It actually took less time than ordering supplies, but I just refused to do it. Then we’d run out and I’d have to make a mad dash to the nearest Office Depot and stock up.

How did I get over my aversion to toner procurement? I DELEGATED.

Do you really need another long, drawn-out blog post about how to use mindfulness or meditation to overcome your childhood trauma related to ordering toner/updating your website/sending out newsletters/keeping track of expenses? No. You do not.

I’ll keep it very simple. Delegate. Find someone who will take your business to the next level by doing the things you dislike.

Contact me today to find the right Virtual Assistant or Remote Operations Specialist to make all of your organizational dreams come true. Want to learn more about my 20+ years experience managing offices and CEOs? Here’s a link.

May you escape this April Fools’ Day unscathed. Until April 2nd…

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